Top Tips To Selecting A Promo Pen

Promo pens continue to be quite affordable and very popular advertising tools for the businesses, no matter the type of clients, which you serve. . You can use them in various ways to promote your business.

Top Tips

Pick Your Price

When you choose a custom-printed pen, you should first set out your budget. Nowadays, imprinted pens range from the low-price economy models to the premium executive-style metal pens. You should note that pricing is based on both style of pen, which you choose and size of the order.

Right color

You need to choose a pen that has same body color as the existingt5364n7356ya63 company brand. This will help ensure consistency across all corporate advertising. Moreover, it improves your brand recognition among the customers. You should also consider the color of ink. You may be tempted to order promotional pens, which feature colored ink. The majority of the customers like using pens with either black or blue ink.

Choose A Style

You can get promotional pens available in various styles such as gel, fountain, stick, and rollerball. You should look for styles, which match both your budget and corporate image. The most popular style is ballpoint pens. This is because they do not have any cap to lose. Also, their tip can be covered. This protects pockets and purses from ink stains.

Size matters

The overall size of a pen impacts the amount of information, which can be printed on it. Pens that have a slim profile and rounded shape can only be printed with a line of advertising. When you choose size of a promotional pen, you need to balance the advertising space with the usability. A larger pen gives you the ability to put more information on it. However, pens, which are very large are uncomfortable to use and are likely to be thrown away.

Ask For A Sample

Before you order a batch of a thousand pens or more, you should request for samples. b5twdve2trh4aThey give you the opportunity to assess the feel and look of the promotional pens before place an order. However, asking for a sample takes time, but it is worth than purchasing a pen based on a photo. In fact, samples are very important as they help you to make the right choice.

When you order promotional pen for the business, you will find it a cost-effective way of promoting your brand to potential customers on daily basis. You can also design your promotional pen. It is imperative to set your budget and select the right color and size, which matches the branding materials.

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