What Your FB Fan Page Should Have To Drive Traffic

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your business is to have a customized fan page. Remember that appearance is everything on Facebook. Thus, you should have well-designed, customized fan pages that get interested, likes, and credibility. However, what is the right place to start? Fan Page Domination is the best program to join now. You can check its latest price first.


Facebook fan ptg3erf6y237eru28i292age ought to give the right idea of what your business is about. Customization of visual elements ought to start with the Facebook fan page. Thus, you should have a profile image. You can upload your product or business logo. You can also be creative by coming up with a Facebook specific design. If you are just starting out, you can stick to colors that you find pleasing to your eyes. Moreover, the colors you choose should be memorable enough so that they can be associated with your brands. After choosing a photo, you can edit thumbnail so that it captures important details of your image.

The other thing you can customize is image strip of the page. For instance, it is advisable to create an illusion of continuous image throughout the strip. Unfortunately, the order of photos may not work sometimes. It is necessary to try a series of themed and related photos, which define your fan page or even expand messaging without relying on appearance.


It is necessary to customize and optimize your FB fan pages with keywords. This is necessary so that they get indexed and ranked by search engines on those phrases. Also, Facebook is a search engine and usually prioritizes Facebook fan pages on search results. If you do not have the right keywords, you can look at similar fan pages in your industry, target market, or locality. This will help you come up with top keywords. Apply the keywords strategically on your page.

Fan-gated landing page

This is a powtg23edf6y23e7u282erful FB fan page approach you can use to create a popular landing page for the non-fans. It is also known as a welcome tab, fan-gated page, or a reveal tab. The good thing about a landing page is that you can use it to address non-fans with a directly particular call to action, which will encourage them like your pages. When users like your page, ensure they are getting something interesting or valuable in return. For example, you can offer a free report, interesting videos, and special discounts.

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