Reasons To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarette smokers now have a reason to smile! With the inception of electronic cigarettes, their cigarette smoking years are going to get better. Electronic cigarettes are a new type of cigarette which features an electronic filter and e-juice/liquid. No other drug apart from tobacco is used so you can rest assured that you are not secretly getting hooked to some ‘hard’ drugs. As a cigarette smoker, there are many reasons why you should opt for this new product rather than stick to the old cigarettes. The reasons are plenty but I’ll just major on six key ones which are discussed below.

E-cigs are user-friendly

These cigarettes are very easy to use, and you do not need to carry a matchbox around or worry about where the next ash tray is so that you can drop it off once you are done. E-cigs have gained tremendous results in as far as the battle against littering is concerned.

They are discreetly portable

The old cigarette is quite easy to notice and you might get some mixed reactions if you are spotted using it. The e-filter that houses the entire e-cigarette has camouflaging features that resemble a pen. Even if you accidentally drop it in the midst of a crowd, it is not easily noticeable.

No health risks

Over the years, cigarette smoking has been related to some health issues like infertility, anxiety disorders and nervous breakdown. Cigarette smoking was also blamed for many cancer and tuberculosis cases worldwide. The smoke emitted after every puff is very dangerous to your entire body. Moreover, you might be taking in too much tobacco levels that your body isn’t used to. E-cigs have no complex components that need a live fire to breakdown nor do they produce smoke with every puff.

sfsdgdfgfYou do not need to worry about stinking breath and teeth discoloration. We all have to agree that burning tobacco smells awful. If the smell becomes your signature scent every time you make an appearance, then you have the wrong perfume. The smell makes your breath stink, and the smoke further discolors your teeth. With an e-cigarette, you do not have to worry about that because the manufacturers have blended the tobacco with flavors that are sweet scented.

E-cigs are refillable

The electronic cigarette is a personal item. Once the e-juice gets done, you do not need to discard the E-filter. However, you can just buy the e-liquid and refill.

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