5 Ways To Share Files At Work

Being in a company or an organization means that you’ll have a lot of files to be sent and received, saved and shared. The number of files can be overwhelming if you don’t keep it organized. Here are some simple ways you can share files at work and keep it organized at the same time.


This is the classic way to share documents or files. You can easily attach the file on to an email and send it. In emails, you can also send the file to numerous contacts and not just one. You can also have a conversation about the file you just sent by replying to them, sending revised versions, and forwarding them to clients.


Group chats

Instant messaging has made everyone’s life easier. Now you can also have a chat room that consists of you and your team. Most instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, and Skype allows users to attach files and send it to a group. This makes it easier for your team to look at the file anywhere because instant messaging apps are usually installed on their smartphones.

Fax service

Modern-day faxing is more than just inserting a document into a fax machine for it to be received in another. You can also send documents to fax machines and receive files from a fax machine through your emails, as explained in https://faxzee.com/tutorials/receive-fax-gmail/ on specifically how to receive fax in Gmail. This makes it easier for those who don’t have the time to scan files and then email it; they can just fax it right away.


Shared folders

There are usually internal audits done for all the documents in your company or organization, so if they are scattered, it would be difficult to audit. Shared folders make it easier for workers to view files, and upload them for everyone to see. It can also be used to store tracker files, to track performance and deadlines. There are many file-sharing services available on the internet, such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Zoho Docs. It can take a lot of storage space on your computer if you have it installed, but it is a safe way to store your documents if anything were to happen to your computer.

Using these methods of file-sharing will not only make your company’s or organization’s files more organized, it will also ensure a smooth run of operations.

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